Joan Martínez is a Spanish actor from Barcelona graduated in drama studies by the Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona. He’s been 12 years working as a professional actor. He has worked mainly in theater, but also in cinema, television and publicity. He’s a member of the Barcelona Theatre company LAminimAL Theatre – company founded by notorious playwright and director José Sanchis Sinisterra and Brazilian director Daniela de Vecchi – with whom he has participated, one way or another, in its 5 shows until the moment. Since 2016 he is an active member of the playwriting group Peripècies, resident group in Sala Beckett – coordinated by Sergi Belbel – with whom he has taken part in its 2 shows until the moment, as actor, director and playwright. He has recently shot his first international production as an actor in the series SNATCH, produced by SONY for the CRACKLE channel, along with national and international stars such as Tristán Ulloa or Rupert Grint, broadcasted in Spain by Orange TV. Besides his acting studies, he has also a degree in Architecture by the Escola Tècnica d’Arquitectura del Vallès.


2006 Degree in drama. Col.legi de teatre de Barcelona.
2019 Stage swordfight. Jesús Esperanza Fernández. Union de actores. Silence in Theatre dramaturgy course with Juan Mayorga.
2018 Bye bye Aristotle dramaturgy course with José Sanchis Sinisterra. Casing pretparation with Pep Armengol. Freeing your natural voice with Alyssa Ciccarello. Voice course for actors, Kristin Linklater’s method. Working in French with Nathalie Cheron, Frank Stein Studio.
2017 Acting in English with Luci Lenox, Frank Stein Studio. Spanish classical theatre with Júlia Barceló.
2016 Writing and acting with Sergi Belbel. Theatre writing course for actors. Obrador Internacional de dramaturgia/Sala Beckett.
2010 Shaekespeare Comedy with Ferran Audí. Alta Realitat.
2008 Commedia dell’Arte with Felipe Cabezas.
2008-6 Clown with: Sergi Estebanell, Sofie Gazel/Pablo Contestabile from Le Theatre Organic-France, David Gol and Eric de Bont from Bont’s International Clownschool, Ibiza.
2004 Musical theatre at Memory School of musical theatre.


2018 Joom’s campaign. Prod: CANADA. Pescanova’s campaign. Prod: HARRY. Dir: Dionissio Naranjo. SNATCH, Season 2. TV Series. Dir: Tom Dey. Script: Alex de Rakoff. Prod: CRACKLE, a SONY Network. Llàtzer. Shortfilm. Dir: Dermot Arrigan. Script: Julia Canosa Serra. Prod: Barder Productions. Aquella Noche (That Night). Shortfilm. Dir: Nicola Federico Onnis.
2017 Qué te apptece. Ad for Just Eat. You gotta go. Ad for Wallapop USA.
2016 Una pistola en cada mano (A gun in each hand). Shortfilm. Universitat Blanquerna.
2014 Evasión. Shortfilm. Dir: Cristina de Diego. Comunicación Audiovisual Universitat Blanquerna.


2018 FI/IF, from the Peripècies laboratory. Dir: Sergi Belbel. June and September at Sala Beckett, Barcelona.
2018-15 Apocalypse Uploaded from Albert Pijuan. Dir: Daniela De Vechi. Prod: LaminimAL Teatre. Fringe Madrid Festival, Firatàrrega Festival, Teatre Auditori Sant Cugat. June 2019 will be at Escenari Brossa, Barcelona.
2017 La família Monstre (The Munsters). Prod: Viu el teatre. Fantasmes (Ghosts) diferent playwriters. Dir: Sergi Belbel. Prod: Peripècies. Sala Beckett. El Perro del Hortelano (The dog in the manger) from Lope de Vega. Prod Tutatis. Tour. Don Quixote de la Mancha from Miguel de Cervantes. Dir: Daniela de Vecchi. Prod: Tutatis. Tour.
2018-15 Hem perdut la Flama (We lost the flame) from Martí Gallén. Dir: Martí Gallén. Píndoles Festival, Barcelona, special price from the jury. Teatredebutxaca Festival, Ciutadella, Menorca. On tour.
2016-13 El suicidio del elefante hipotecado (The morgaged suicidal elephant). From José Sanchis Sinisterra. Dir: Daniela de Vecchi. Prod: LAminimAL Teatre. Teatre Tantarantana, ATIC 22. BARTS Club, Sala BARTS. La Seca-Espai Brossa. Tour.
2015 La supervivència de les lluernes (The survival of the fireflies), from Juan Mayorga, D. De Vecchi and J.S.Sinisterra. Dir: Daniela de Vecchi. Prod: LAminimAL Teatre. Àtic 22, Teatre Tantarantana. FiraTarrega Festival. Grec Festival. Frinje Festival, Naves del Español, Madrid. Temporada Alta Festival, Girona. Teatre Romea, ciclo OFF, Barcelona. Tour.
2014 El petit Dalí (The young Salvador Dalí). Prod: Únics Produccions / Viu el teatre. Teatre Poliorama. Tour.
2013 La grandesa d’ésser un entre tants (The greatness of being one amongst others). Dir: Daniela de Vecchi. Prod:LAminimAL Teatre. Sala Atrium. OID, Sala Beckett. Sala La Planeta, Girona.
2011 Are you ready?! Dir: Daniela de Vecchi. Prod: Tutatis Prod. Tour. Production in English.
2008 Faust from Christopher Marlowe. Dir. Fréderick Ruymen. Théâtre de la Balsamine, Bruxelles, Belgium. Production in french.
2006 Edmond from David Mamet. Dir: Xicu Masó.
2005 Los figurantes (The extras) from José Sanchis Sinisterra. Dir: Raimon Molins.


2018 Conan, el Candidato. Lecture at “Assajar és de Covards”, April, Tantarantana Theatre. On pre-production. Factor redes and Los locos cuentos de los hermanos Grimm, two inedit plays for 10 and 11 years old children. Premiere in Cornellà, June 2018.
2018-17 Director and playwright member and founder of the PERIPÈCIES group resident in SALA BECKETT BARCELONA, amongst other playwrights and directors. Shows untill the moment: Fantasmes and FI/IF.
2016 Don Quixote de la Mancha. Adaptation of the famous play by Miguel de Cervantes for young and teenage audiences. Production: Tutatis. Distribution: Traneduca. Dir: Daniela De Vecchi.
2015 Neil LaButte’s Liar’s Club . Director and adaptation. B-Sides Company. La Bòbila Auditorium in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat.
2012 An unexpected gift. Shortfilm for Notodofilm Festival. Director.


Languages Spanish (Native) Catalan (Native) English (High level/Certificate in Advanced English) French (High level/DELF B2)
Dancing: Contact-improvisation with Ramón Roig. Swing/Lindy-hop, 4 years. Tap-dance, 2 years.Singing. 3 years. Sports: Jai-Alai (15 years playing), Martial arts: MMA / Muay Thai (2 years practice) and Aikido (3 years practice), Diving (PADI Open Water degree), ski and snowboard (Medium-high level), skateboard (Basic – no tricks) . Modern guitar and songwriting. (Playing since 14) Degree in Architecture at ETSAV School. Class of 2010. Driver’s licence: B2 (Car) and A (Any motorcicle) Passport: Spanish (In order).