IF/FI, second project of “Peripècies”; dramaturgy laboratory, in Sala Beckett.

IF / FI, second project of ‘Peripècies’ dramaturgy laboratory, has been seen last June and September in Sala Beckett. ‘Peripècies’ group, where Joan Martínez has been a member since its beginning, was created in Sala Beckett -Barcelona- after several writing courses with notorious playwright and director Sergi Belbel. It gathers actors, writers and directors. After first play “Fantasmes”, where the group researched on the memories of worker’s cooperative “Pau y Justícia”, this new play investigates around the TIME concept. The work enjoyed great acceptance by the audience, and ‘Sold out’ poster had to be hanged almost every day. It  also received good reviews by the media as you can see in the links below. In addition, the text created for the occasion has been published in Ediciones Sala Beckett. Peripècies Group is already working in it’s third project, this time around the FEAR theme.


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